Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is translated as the yogic sleep. It is like an extended savasana ( the relaxation we take at the end of class). During this time you will reach a state of consciousness between walking and sleeping as you are led into a guided meditation/journey through relaxing. This state is a powerful portal where healing can occur. Yoga Nidra can help relieve stress-related conditions. We will begin with light stretching and restorative poses to loosen up tension. Have your own blocks and blankets ready so when you need them, no yoga experience necessary. Join us and relax into this deeply healing state.

Yoga Nidra in the comfort of your own home. Be well and safe, if you're interested in having one on one contact me by email donate tap on to PayPal below. Thank you (pay as “friends & family” to avoid paypal fees)